Single mums taking government to Court over Universal Credit

A case is being filed against the government in the UK by four women to dispute about the universal credit that is changing their expected income each month leaving them in a difficult position to plan their budget. From her experience, Claire Wood who is a single mother aged 30, hed to forego or rather […]

Manchester Solicitors

Supreme Court Justice Sumption Doubts The Value Of Civil Legal Aid

Accessibility to justice is the basic right of every citizen. According to a leading judge, Justice Sumption, it will take 50 years from now to make the judiciary system more diverse. What does it mean? The way to judicial diversity is lengthening and the confirmation of its occurrence is becoming so hard. Sumption decisions are […]

workplace injuries

Measures to be Taken to Prevent Workplace Accident

Every workplace whether it is a construction site, mining industry, chemical industry or any other place is prone to various accidents. Sometimes these accidents are the result of the negligence on the part of the employees while many times due to the negligence of the employer. But only employees of that particular workplace suffer and […]

Employee Pension Plan

Study finds pensions have been wrongly sold across the UK

Thousands of people in the UK have mis sold their pensions for a variety of reasons, and many have been compensated for the bad advice they received at the time from financial advisers, especially from people who received payments from pension plans. pensions at the end of their useful life. Some people have paid amounts […]

The rising costs of negligence in the health service

A recent birthday for the NHS was slightly soured by a report demonstrating the pressure of negligence payments on the UK’s health service. It was a unique day on July 5 this year for the National Health Service – the UK’s state social insurance supplier achieved its 70th birthday celebration. Be that as it may, […]

Drink driving

Sussex police cracking down hard on drink driving

The Sussex police earlier this year issued a Stark warning to drink drivers telling them that it will be targeting them and getting them. Maybe it is the time to change a habit or you will fall victim to the crackdown. You can try not to drink and drive or you will be in dire […]

“Objective” Signs of Alcohol Intoxication

Odor of alcohol The odor of alcohol on a driver’s breath is one of the first clues an officer relies upon to both: Initially determine that a driver has been drinking. Provide justification for the start of a DUI/DWI investigation. However, this may not be an accurate test. In a study on the ability to […]

The important variables in evaluating effects of alcohol on driving

The mechanics of alcohol absorption, distribution and elimination are subject to a great degree of variability, depending on individual circumstances. Driving behavior, driver characteristics, and driving ability can also play a role in evaluating the effect alcohol has on driving ability, and the possibility of impairment. Thus, the gathering of information, when possible, plays a […]

Initial interview with your DUI attorney

In most cases, your first interview with your DUI attorney will take place at your attorney’s office. At that first meeting, your DUI attorney will: (1) ask you about what happened before, during, and after your arrest; (2) educate you concerning the charges, penalties, and your chances for success at trial; and (3) begin the […]

Checklist of important facts and legal issues

If before your first meeting with your attorney you check off the topics below that are relevant to your case and bring this list to your meeting, you are more likely to relay the important facts to your attorney and learn which issues might be helpful to your defense. The list might also help you […]