Single mums taking government to Court over Universal Credit

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A case is being filed against the government in the UK by four women to dispute about the universal credit that is changing their expected income each month leaving them in a difficult position to plan their budget.

From her experience, Claire Wood who is a single mother aged 30, hed to forego or rather dismiss her promotion as a result of the evaluation issues of the newly planned benefit programme resulting in budgeting problems.

The proceedings of her case will take effect as from 27 to 28 of this month in the high court together with the other ladies. The new universal credit issue is being brought to concern once more time since the court found out how it was unjustly differentiating the disabled individuals.

Problems befall the former council worker after her universal credit evaluation was prolonged from date 30 of one month to date 29 of another new month. This inconvenienced her since her employer used to pay her on the last day of her working each month, therefore, implying that she sometimes received two salaries in a single month.

Her universal credit prize was lowered unbelievably due to the fact that the system recorded that she pocketed twice her salary in particular months. This resulted in cash flow evaluation problems which is a disappointing act for an individual with a fixed budget. Soon after her job contract was over, she was provided with an opportunity to get a prize but that never happened due to evaluations problems of the system.

Despite wanting to get a job dealing with healthcare with an intention of growing her degree and creating a chance of getting good earnings with numerous benefits, she still realised that she could find herself in the same issue because the NHS and sister health organisation paid workers at the end of the month. This is when she began to consider legal options such as solicitors Chester services.

Claire got two jobs that were part-time after the end of her contract with the council but she recently has just one part-time job. Her issues happened just when the universal credit system was bringing more attention to most academicians with several of them terming it as a complicated, dysfunctional and punitive programme that is driving many to a position of not settling household needs but rather get in debts.

Findings by the independent showed that more than half of those who dismissed the credit program were legalized to the program leading to demands of stopping the process of engaging more people in it.

Registering her disappointed, Claire said the universal credit program is killing her careers hopes claiming that she is fully capable of managing her income. She also cited how the program drove her into a debt she had not planned for and still paying it at the food bank.

Ms woods who is a solicitor of Carla Clarke of child poverty action group commented that the program is working against its objectives with its fixed evaluation time which is a discrimination against single mothers.

Finally, Ms woods demanded for the whole problem that resulted from the universal credit benefit program to be put in place as it is proving to be a form of injustice to all individuals that have gone through the same problem.

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