Supreme Court Justice Sumption Doubts The Value Of Civil Legal Aid

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Accessibility to justice is the basic right of every citizen. According to a leading judge, Justice Sumption, it will take 50 years from now to make the judiciary system more diverse. What does it mean? The way to judicial diversity is lengthening and the confirmation of its occurrence is becoming so hard. Sumption decisions are known to be very strong, but to make a public statement about judicial diversity as it is known to many is a way of attracting more criticism to your life. Application of law, and at the same time pursuing justice, is very important and not all legal help, whether at a Manchester law firm or elsewhere, has got the accurate qualifications for it.

Civil legal aid is vital for many to access justice. People who are at highest risk of being excluded from the legal system receive easy access to justice and total fairness on how the legal aid performs. The civil legal aid had been there to provide the quickest access to justice in whichever location. Civil legal aid has been there during:

  • Mediation of the families to stop disputes and stabilize the broken relationships.
  • Social services that engage children.
  • Dealing with the cases of forced marriages.
  • Solving family problems for example due to child suffering.

Sumption stated that patients should be instilled in everyone’s mind. The appointment requires merit and to get it takes time. In history, only one woman has been able to show courage and be deemed fit for the high judicial office. The real thing is that, having a judiciary which is well diversified will enable the supreme court to do its job perfectly. Experience in every judgment will feed the society more and thus the appointment should be considered on merit.

When Sumption viewed the civil legal aid situation, he said that it was not fundamental. The famous judge described how the professions have undergone evolution since his early years when he was an advocate and also judge. Civil legal aid has been known to be consuming the biggest number of the Department’s budget. In a financial year, an estimate of £1.98bn out of the entire budget of £3.2bn drains to legal aid overall.

Though the Civil legal aid budget has remained constant there have been various factors that lead to its changes. The common is the drop in the civil representation funding. It has been noted that the barristers have been in the front line to be in monopoly especially when it comes to the basic rights of the individuals. Sumption who will retire at the age of 75 informed the entire public that in his early years the solicitors present during that time worked only for their difference. Barristers were the leading providers of expertise on every case.

Legal aid as it is should help people to receive assistance that they cannot afford and access through the court system. it is the central domain that ensures justice and equity to every person before the law. To deliver legal aid there have been models that help in guaranteeing equal access and they include: duty lawyers, community legal clinics and the immediate payment of the identified lawyers and are entitled to legal aid. The value of the civil legal aid should be sensible and reduce the force induced on the citizens, that is according to Lord Sumption.

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