Sussex police cracking down hard on drink driving

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The Sussex police earlier this year issued a Stark warning to drink drivers telling them that it will be targeting them and getting them. Maybe it is the time to change a habit or you will fall victim to the crackdown. You can try not to drink and drive or you will be in dire need of drink driving solicitors.

With the Don’t Drink and Drive campaign launched by the police, no one could say that they were not warned. Nevertheless, it is clear that there will be drink-drivers caught drunk over the limit regardless of the potential consequences.

Despite being there a certain limit, there is no ‘safe’ limit for alcohol intake impairs you and affects your driving to a certain degree. However, there is a limit which can cause you to cause various degrees of accidents. There are some penalties for every offense which you should learn. These penalties will be the ones the drink solicitors you will enlist will be trying to keep you from or minimize.

Research reports say that much of the Carnage on the country’s roads is associated to drink driving. Right now, law-abiding citizen should delight in the fact that the police are taking a zero-tolerance approach. Obviously, there will be little destruction caused by drink driving.

On a regular basis, The Argus prints lists of drunk drivers caught and subsequently convicted in court. This is aimed at lowering the chances of these people committing the offense in the future. Maybe naming and shaming them will prevent them from reoffending.

While there is a punishment by the system that suits the offense, the crime is often debatable. With no doubt, cars or other vehicles are effective killing machines in the wrong hands. People have been summoned to certain quarters for repeatedly committing the offense of drink driving and have been slammed with a ban from the roads for life.

The approach is uncompromising but equally, as it is sustained, the UK has among the highest legal alcohol threshold for drivers in Europe. It is understandable that there have been efforts to reduce this.

Undoubtedly, many campaigners would want the law changed to prosecute any driver caught drunk driving at any alcohol reading. The fact remains that most adults are quite aware of how much they have had to drink. In spite of this, something has to be done. There are those who, however, feel that they have good lawyers but repeated offenses can lead to very serious penalties.

The warning by the Sussex police should be heeded. If you are out and had a few drinks, it would be extremely wise to take the bus or taxi. Failure to that you might find yourself arrested and looking for drink driving solicitors.

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